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EvilQuest Jade Empire Montague's Mount
(Analogue: A Hate Story  -  Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos  -  EvilQuest  -  Jade Empire  -  Montague's Mount  -  Ultratron)
(Pid  -  Ballpoint Universe: Infinite  -  Journey of a Roach)
(Makoto Mobius  -  Savant: Ascent  -  Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded)

(The Old City: Leviathan  -  Invisible Apartment  -  Ascension) 

Visual Novel Shooter
(Those Without Names  -  404Sight  -  Legendary)
Scifi Adventure Space Invaders
(Stranded  -  VVVVVV  -  Titan Attacks)

Visual Novel Platformer
(Retro/Grade  -  Bermuda  -  Electronic Super Joy: Groove City)

Parkour Platformer
(Puzzle Bots  -  The Fall  -  A Story About My Uncle)

Walking Simulator
(Ultraworld  -  Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP  -  Explodemon)

Adventure RPG-Maker
(Stacking  -  Listen  -  Belladonna)

Platformer Adventure
(Dreaming Sarah  -  Superfrog HD  -  The Bridge) 

Adventure Bullet Hell
(The Journey Down: Chapter 1 -  Jamestown  -  Fester Mudd Episode 1)

Portal Mod
(One Way Heroics  -  Portal Stories: Mel  -  Karmaflow Act II)

Rollenspiel Platformer
(Dolly  -  Costume Quest  -  The Journey Down: Chapter 2)

Hidden Object Adventure
(Night of the Rabbit  -  Shadows: Price for Our Sins  -  Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey)

Adventure Apokalypse
(Dead Synchronicity  -  Anna's Quest  -  Pitiri 1977)

2D Horror Rätsel
(No Collision  -  bit Dungeon II  -  The Boogie Man)

Krimi Mystery Adventure
(Her Story  -  The Beginner's Guide  -  Why Am I Dead At Sea?)

Adventure PLatformer
(Neon Struct  -  Stick it to the Man!  -  Gateways)

Telltale Games Adventure Mystery
(The Walking Dead: A New Frontier  -  Mafia 3 -  Night in the Woods)

Telltale Games Adventure Mystery
(Fossil Echo  -  Monkey Island Special Editions)

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